A Boy’s Frog Adventures

A Boy, a Frog, a Toad, and Adventures

The star of the story, when it comes to creatures, A frog to be specific, is usually my son, Gibson. Most often toads  and frogs are found during my time in our home gym. As I am working away the stresses of life, maintaining what’s left of a college sports figure, and practicing what I preach as a Coach.  It is  then that frogs and Gibson unite. Rain or shine this boy finds frog friends and pursues funny business…as defined by an adult. To him it is life and it is life lived to the full wild spirit inside my young boy. And to be sure we give proper credit, his sister Lorelai, is as adventurous in a less wild way and enjoys a more artistic and sentimental adventure with our yard and frogs, even motherly at times.

Story A: Froggy Funny Business on Thursday with Mom and Frank
It was mid spring when he found a medium sized Frog (now called Frank) as he wondered the back yard with a toy truck looking for fun as only a boy can. Frank and Gibson had been in the backyard while I had been working out and running the hill. But I won’t ever forget as I ran up the hill to see Gibson on the trampoline laughing with his hands cupped and his eyes just as big and blue as they are on Christmas. I asked ” what’s happening bud, what’s so funny?” Gibson replied “Mom, I figured if frogs love to hop and jump he and I could play on the trampoline.”  A second latter this frog was placed on its feet right out of the mud covered hands onto the trampoline and Gibson said, “See how high he hops now!” If I was being honest I love God’s creations and I don’t think animals should be abused in any way though I do believe some of them taste great. At this moment I felt so sick and so worried for Frank. I replied ” Gibson, you’ll need to get Frank back on the ground and let him be for a while, your making his world too crazy and too hoppy even for a frog.” And even though my boy disagreed with what was good for Frank’s health at this point, he got him down and placed him carefully in the back of the Tonka truck habitat he had previously made and proceeded to drive Frank all around until we headed upstairs. I never got a thank you from Frank, but he was let loose mid-morning and probably headed to bed with some Dramamine while Gibson went on to live a full Thursday asking here and there if Frank would ever come back. (Upon further discussion, Frank turned out to be an unlucky Dwarf American Toad)
Story B: Froggy Funny Business on Saturday with Mom and Sissy
We had just finished breakfast upstairs and it was about 9 am on Saturday so down to the fort, the trucks, the chalk, the trampoline, the hammock, the gym, and the rope swing we went. Only for there to be the tiniest little frog we have ever laid eyes on and needless to say this little guy instantly became a pet in Gibson and Lorelai’s eyes. And not just any pet but one where they as children negotiated with me rather impressively with such comments as “Mama, he is so tiny we won’t even notice him hopping around the house.” or ” he only needs a large cup with a couple twigs and leaves for a home, we have large cups in the kids drawer.”  and the best one “Mama, he is too cute and little to not have a home.” And so this little frog became a pet for a day, because I was a softy. The frog was not allowed on the trampoline but was allowed on truck rides and taken on walks to the lake in his cup. The frog did get the opportunity to pee on both Gibson and Lorelai, only for them to giggle and say things like “Potty training this frog is harder then Thor was.” Thor is our dog, who is always allowed to be around in and out of home and car. I would ask through the day what this frog’s name was and it had become “Midget Frog,” my kids do not bother with politically correct verbiage. I was thrilled they were getting along  and I cannot blame them because it all seemed fitting to me. As I called them into the dining room for lunch they asked if the frog could come. Again I am soft so I said yes and on that Saturday, we entertained ourselves and Midget Frog at lunch. Latter, when I had finally come to my senses, we released Midget Frog out in the small garden area off our garage. The tears on Lorelai’s and Gibson’s faces were real. And to be honest they had the most fun day with Midget but that Frog was probably glad to get out of the loving grasp of these kids and out of bumpy rides from one fort to the other across our yard.  While my children were sad that they couldn’t keep him, they were again ready for another adventure as they discussed new ways to build a home for a frog while walking into the house for a bed time story.