Green Treefrog

Copyright Dwan Garrison


Genus Species: Hyla cinerea

Size: 1¼ - 2½”

Location: Traditionally found statewide except the Ozarks, but the pictured frog was found in Stone County

Advertisement Call: Short nasal “quonk” or “quank” like a goose honking




This little guy is easily identified by his bright green color and white lateral stripes down his sides.  It may show up clinging to the outside of your window looking for bugs attracted to the light.  As you can see from the picture, they are very friendly!

The males can be heard calling from April to August when the temperatures are warm enough (above 65 degrees).  Females will lay around 2,000 eggs in small, floating masses.  Tadpoles will hatch in 5 or more days and mature to frogs in four to six weeks.

Interesting Fact: Why so many eggs? Almost everything eats frog eggs and tadpoles.

The Green Treefrog is a member of the Hylidae (Treefrog) family and is a New Frog (Neobatrachia). Like most other treefrogs, the Green has sticky toe pads for clinging to trees (and windows).

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