Frog and Toad Pocket Guide

Have you ever seen a frog or toad in the woods that you couldn’t identify?  Here is the Frog ID Pocket Guide that you need!

Common Frogs & Toads of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana

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This 3″ by 4″ deck of 24 cards contains full color images of common frogs and toads on one side.  The backs contain:

  • Full descriptions of each species including their length
  • Similar species to aid in identification
  • The range of each species within Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana
  • When they are calling
  • What the calls sound like

The Frog and Toad Pocket Guide is held together with a binder ring and easily fits into a shirt or back pocket.  It is easy to personalize the guide by removing the frogs or toads that don’t inhabit your area.

These Pocket Guides can be obtained here for a donation of $10 (which includes free shipping).  Click on the button below to place your order.  Please include your shipping address.