Frog Songs

Click on the names to hear the songs

Click on the pictures to see an enlarged copy

American BullfrogAmerican BullfrogCrawfish FrogGreen (Bronze) FrogPickerel FrogSouthern Leopard Frog
Wood FrogBird-voiced Treefrog Bird-voiced TreefrogCope's Gray TreefrogGray TreefrogGreen Treefrog
Squirrel Treefrog Squirrel TreefrogBoreal Chorus FrogBoreal Chorus FrogCajun Chorus FrogCajun Chorus FrogSpring PeeperStrecker's Chorus FrogStrecker's Chorus Frog
Blanchard's Cricket FrogBlanchard's Cricket FrogEastern SpadefootHurter's SpadefootWestern (Plains) SpadefootDwarf American Toad
Fowler's ToadEastern Narrow-mouthed ToadWestern Narrow-mouthed Toad

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