Best Books

The Frogs and Toads of North America


The Frogs and Toads of North America by Lang Elliott, et al

If you only buy one book about frogs and toads, this is the book.  It has thorough coverage, wonderful pictures, and a CD with all the advertisement calls plus a few others.  Well worth the money.





The Amphibians and Reptiles of Arkansas by Stanley E. Trouth, et al

This book has detailed descriptions and drawings of the identifying physical characteristics of frogs, toads, and tadpoles.  It is expensive so search for a used copy or use an inter-library loan to check it out.




Frogs Inside Their Remarkable World


Frogs - Inside Their Remarkable World by Ellin Beltz

Although this book deals with frogs around the world, its chapters - A Brief Natural History, Frog Families, Anatomy & Physiology, Environment & Adaptation, and Frogs in Myth & Culture - are very enjoyable reading.


All About Frogs


All About Frogs by Jim Arnosky

This informative book for young readers is pure eye candy.  It is well written and has many illustrations of frogs and toads actual size.  Although it is short, it is lots of fun.


Starting Life Frog


Starting Life Frog by Claire Llewellyn and Simon Mendez

This is another well illustrated book for children that follows the life cycle of the frog from egg to adult.  Full of information that is easy for a young person to absorb.


Face to Face with Frogs


Face to Face with Frogs by Mark Moffett

Mark is a National Geographic photographer and this book is crammed full of excellent close up photos.  This book covers frogs from around the world, and it has a glossary, index, and references for further information.



Frog in the House


Frog in the House by David Mather and Stephanie Mirocha

This is the book you want to read your young one to sleep at night.  It is about a treefrog that is transported into the family home on a potted plant and ends up in the child’s doll house.