Bird-voiced Treefrog

Bird-voiced Treefrog

Copyright James Harding

Genus Species: Hyla avivoca

Size: 1 - 2¼”

Location: Found in the Arkansas River Valley, Ouachitas and Coastal Plain.  One possible sighting in Marion County

Advertisement Call: Rapid series of 10-20 musical whistles




This frog varies in color from gray to green to brown.  Notice the white to light yellow patch below the eye.  Like most other treefrogs it has sticky toe pads.  Note also that the tympanum is smaller that the eye in both the males and females.  This secretive frog is seldom seen except at breeding time.  The bird-voiced treefrog prefers swamps, but is also found along streams.

These frogs will breed from April to August with the males starting the night’s serenade high up in the trees and gradually working their way down to water level.  The Bird-voiced treefrog produces its whistles, which last for several seconds, with a single vocal sac under their chin.  They are aggressive and will wrestle with other males for a good calling spot.  Females will lay several hundred eggs which hatch and develop into frogs in about a month.

Interesting Fact: Frogs have an inner, clear eyelid (nictitating membrane) that will protect their eyes while swimming.  Frog Goggles!

This frog is a member of the Hylidae (Treefrog) family and is a New Frog (Neobatrachia).  Nationally, this frog is only found in the southeast.