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Arkansas Frogs and Toads

Arkansas Frogs and Toads LogoArkansas Frogs and Toads is an Unincorporated Nonprofit Association formed on September 18, 2013 and is designated 501 (c) (3) for federal tax purposes.


Our Mission:

To raise public awareness about biodiversity – why it is important, why it is in trouble, and how individual actions can result in sustainable outcomes.  This is accomplished through environmental and conservation education and outreach, which includes training of citizen scientists for FrogWatch USA™ and similar monitoring programs.

Our Board of Directors:

Tom Krohn – FrogWatch USA™ Regional Coordinator for Arkansas Frog Watch Chapters, Vice-president of North Central Arkansas Audubon, Certified Arkansas Master Naturalist, member of Arkansas Environmental Education Association and Buffalo National River Partners; retired U.S. Navy Submariner.  MBA from University of West Florida.



Laura Fawks Lapole – FrogWatch USA™ Chapter Coordinator at the Little Rock Zoo, Coordinator for SNOCAT – Saving Nature One Coupon At a Time, zoo educator with experience developing programs and planning educational events, Laura encourages others to realize that every action may seem small, but together, great change can occur.  BA in Zoo and Wildlife Biology from Malone University.


Ken Forman – Educator/interpreter for Arkansas Game and Fish Commission at the Fred Berry Conservation Education Center at Crooked Creek in Yellville, AR.  There he helps students and visitors make that all-important connection between themselves and the natural resources of the Ozarks.  As a Certified Interpretive Guide he has presented at national conferences and regional workshops.  BS in Forestry from Northern Arizona University and BA in Environmental Science from University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

Arkansas Frog Watch Chapters:

Northeast Arkansas Frog Watch – Ryan Smith, ryan.smith@arkansas.gov and Barbara Reng, barbarareng@gmail.com

North Central Arkansas Frog Watch – Tom Krohn, frogwatch@yellville.net and Cindy Johnson, cindyjcpa@gmail.com

Northark Frog Watch USA – Sherri Townsend, stownsend@northark.edu and Linda Glass, ozarklg@gmail.com

Northwest Arkansas Frog Watch – Lilia Beattie, liliamaui@aol.com and Sim Barrow, sbarrow@nwalandtrust.org

Little Rock Zoo Frog Watch USA – Laura Fawks Lapole, lfawks@littlerock.gov

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One-time Sponsorship:

You can help us pursue our mission by becoming an Arkansas Frogs and Toads Sponsor. All funds donated are used for presentation materials, website maintenance, and frog training travel expenses not otherwise covered. Everyone associated with Arkansas Frogs and Toads is a volunteer. Here are the sponsorship levels:

Tadpole – $20

Spring Peeper – $50

Chorus Frog – $100

Dwarf American Toad – $250*

American Bullfrog – $500*

* Includes The Frogs and Toads of North America by Lang Elliott, et al as a thank you.  The book includes a CD of the calls.

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