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Frog and Toad calls can be a challenge.  Can you identify the three species of frogs and toads in this audio clip?  Spend some time on this site and you will be able to identify all the frogs and toads in Arkansas by their calls. 🙂

The Frog and Toad Menus to the right will take you to descriptions of our individual Arkansas Frogs and Toads and includes pictures and recordings of their calls.

FrogWatch USA™ tells you about the national frog and toad calls monitoring program for citizen scientists – like you!

Frog Card Deck/Pocket Guide


Frog & Toad Pocket Guides are back!

These 3″ by 4″ cards describe the frogs and toads of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  CLICK HERE for more information and a link to order your guide now.


Wholly MammothOver 40% of frogs and toads worldwide are threatened with extinction along with many other plants and animals.  Learn about the Sixth Mass Extinction and what you can do to help – CLICK HERE.

Here’s a schedule of FREE Listening Workshops and Sixth Mass Extinction presentations in your area – CLICK HERE.

The Frog Blogs contains posts of all the most recent happenings

The Saving Nature Now – Green Team program empowers our youth to take actions that directly help nature and promote sustainable living.  Click here for information.

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“The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives.”