2016 Frog Calendar Available

2016 Arkansas Frogs and Toads Calendar

This 8½” by 11″ full-color frog calendar includes:

  • Full descriptions of 12 Arkansas species
  • Images taken by Arkansans
  • A chart of species calling times
  • Information about FrogWatch USA
  • Holidays and phases of the moon



This frog calendar is available for a $10 donation which includes shipping.

To order, go to http://www.arkansasfrogsandtoads.org/arkansas-frogs-toads-calendar

Frog Quilt Opportunity

Donated by Carol and Ron Beasley

Another Frog Quilt Opportunity

We had a frog quilt opportunity a couple of years ago, and this one is even better.  Master Naturalists, Carol and Ron Beasley, have donated this beautiful 80″ by 90″ frog quilt to help raise funds for Arkansas Frogs and Toads.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to raise public awareness of frogs, toads, and their habitat – why they are important, why they are in trouble, and what can be done to help them.  This is accomplished through environmental and conservation education, outreach, and training of citizen scientists for FrogWatch USA™ and similar monitoring programs.

Tickets for this frog quilt cost $5 for 6 tickets.  The drawing will take place next spring.  You can purchase tickets by clicking on the link below and giving your name and phone number (so we can call you with the good news).  Notice that the quilting has lots of dragonflies!  How cool is that?  Something for the frogs to eat.